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UK papers react very negatively and with anger to Harry & Meghan’s revelations

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s latest explosive allegations have sparked an angry reaction from British newspapers.

Harry made various damaging allegations against his brother, the Prince of Wales, in the latest volume of his controversial series, including William yelling at him during a tense summit at Sandringham.

The Sun – headlined ‘The Traitor & The Dutiful’ – said the latest allegations had spiralled into a declaration of ‘all-out war’ against the royal family.

In an opinion piece inside the paper, Piers Morgan called their actions “cowardly, treacherous and despicable” and said they “did their best to manipulate viewers into thinking they were victims of unrelenting racist hate from the media. But they don’t show any of the substantial positive coverage,” reports RTE.

The Daily Mail editorial states: “The only saving grace is that Her Majesty was spared seeing this tawdry exercise in self-promotion. The sensible majority in this country will find their vengeful onslaught distasteful and disrespectful,” reports RTE.

Harry and Meghan’s words and actions consist of “racial hypocrisy”, according to The Times.

In an editorial, the newspaper called on the couple to “return their bonds” and withdraw from the line of succession.

Telegraph Associate Editor Camilla Tominey says the second book in the series amounts to “revenge” for Harry and Meghan.

She writes: “As immediately becomes apparent in the second volume of their controversial docuseries, it isn’t enough for love to ‘win’. The Royal family must also lose for the couple to come out on top,” reports RTE.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mirror is more measured in its response, using a Voice of the Mirror editorial to urge Harry and William to end their conflict.

The article says: “The Royal Family gathered for a carol concert last night. But it’s clear from the Netflix documentary that William and Harry are not singing from the same hymn sheet. They should remember it’s the season of peace and goodwill.”

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