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UNHCR wants an end to migrant homelessness – no word of Irish homeless

Image source: RTE

The UN Refugee Agency is to request a UN committee’s recommendation that the Irish government put an end to the homelessness of asylum seekers, reports RTE.

The Department of Integration released its most current statistics, which show that 878 newly arrived applicants for international protection (IP) have not received an offer of housing from the State.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will request that the UN Committee on Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights be asked to submit a written report to the Irish Government with a number of recommendations, one of which is that all IP applicants be accommodated “immediately” upon arrival “to ensure they are not left in a situation of homelessness or destitution”, reports RTE.

Tomorrow morning, the UN Committee will hear from the UNHCR.

Due to a statewide scarcity, the government stopped providing housing to all qualified new entrants on December 4.

The UNHCR will indicate to the Commission in its contribution that although it “welcomes the fact that women, children, and those with particular vulnerabilities are prioritised for accommodation,” it is “deeply concerned that single men are left without accommodation”, reports RTE.

“Prioritisation of the most vulnerable applicants cannot justify the denial of basic human rights, such as adequate shelter, to other applicants,” it added, reports RTE.

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