Vegan woman gets palpitations and is "traumatised for life" after biting into pork sausage

Vegan woman gets palpitations and is “traumatised for life” after biting into pork sausage

Image source: Sharleen Ndungu/Twitter

Brace yourselves – this isn’t for the fainthearted, or anyone else who suffers from first world problems.

20-yr-old Sharleen Ndungu went on a social media rampage after she almost lost her life for biting into a port sausage roll at a Greggs supermarket in the UK.

The incident happened in Canterbury, Kent, this week and luckily, somehow, she survived the ordeal…

The traumatised woman, identified as Sharleen Ndungu, reportedly ordered a pork sausage roll, bit into it, and immediately claimed to have felt palpitations and general malaise.

Speaking shortly after her horrendous experience, she said that she does not eat meat because it ’causes cancer.’

Greggs offered her a refund and an apology.

It remains unclear, however, what exactly she was expecting to find inside the pork sausage roll that she had just ordered.

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