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Ryan: This energy crisis and price hikes could last for years

He may well be out on his ear well before his predictions come true, but Eamon Ryan claims that the current energy crisis could last for a number of years – thus including the outrageous price hikes, no doubt.

The Green party leader is loathed by many people who claim that he’s bent on making people take public transport instead of cars or use their push bike regardless of Ireland’s harsh winter weather.

People are absolutely outraged with the Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan over his numerous demands over the past number of months.

Ryan, in many people’s eyes, is the puppet that’s propping up the current government and is not-so-secretly pulling all the strings with his demands.

Large energy consumers and residential customers with so-called “smart tariffs” will see their electricity bill increase during peak hours from 5:00pm to 7:00pm.

It follows a decision taken today by the Commission to regulate public services, following a consultation period announced last month.

But smart fare customers also save on low fares. Energy consumers with packages are not worried.

Under the ruling, off-peak rates will be 10% higher than daily rates, but off-peak rates will be 10% lower.

Many people on social media are blaming the Green Party and Eamon Ryan for all the energy price hikes and uncertainty.

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