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Weather maps show 25c French weather en route to Ireland as major Met Eireann says good weather forecast over the coming week

A new weather maps show when Ireland could finally see warm weather.

Long-term weather models, which are subject to change beforehand, show temperatures up to 20 degrees Celsius next weekend thanks to a cloud of warm air from the Mediterranean.

Met Éireann is forecasting “slightly higher than average temperatures for late May” as high pressure from the South West prevails, reports The Mirror.

High pressure is usually associated with nice, warm and calm weather, especially in the summer months.

After a few weeks of severe weather with thunderstorms and thunderstorms, the sunny weather was finally able to clear the clouds.

For the week of May 12 to May 18, the national forecaster said: ”There is medium to high confidence of high pressure building to the southwest and dominating our weather. This will likely lead to drier than average conditions for mid May, along with temperatures being slightly higher than average,” reports The Mirror.

The long-range forecast for the following week, May 19 to 25, continues: “Uncertainty grows in the forecast and there is a less clear signal for any pressure pattern to become dominant for the week. However, there is a slight signal for low pressure to the southwest of the country. Nevertheless, temperatures will likely be slightly higher than average for late May, with rainfall amounts signalled to be lower than average,” reports The Mirror.

Maps appear to show temperatures hitting the mid-20s during the weekend of May 19-21.

Giving a day-by-day breakdown, Ireland’s meteorological agency said: “Most places will be dry Friday, with spells of sunshine developing, and just the chance of a few light showers bubbling up in the afternoon and early evening. Highest temperatures of 15C to 19C in a light northerly breeze,” reports The Mirror.

“Any patchy mist and fog will soon clear on Saturday morning, leaving a mostly dry day with spells of hazy sunshine. Isolated showers are possible in the afternoon and cloud will thicken from the west during the evening. Highest temperatures of 16C to 20C in light, variable breezes,” reports The Mirror.

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