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“Who’s behind her” – Social media users divided over world famous 16-yr-old Greta Thunberg

Leave the climate change debate to one side for the moment and look at who is fronting the movement itself. A 16-yr-old Swedish child who was completely unheard of a couple of months ago and is now world famous.

Questions have been raised on social media as to who is funding Greta Thunberg, who is being her, who is pushing her and what exactly are these people getting out of the child being the face of the climate change movement.

Forget actually going to school to get an education, students are appearing to go on the mitch and being supported by teachers for a so-called “Climate Rebellion”. Children have been convinced we are living in the end times, an increasing number of people are comparing the climate change activism to a cult.

Last Friday, huge number of children marched through Dublin believing that doomsday will be upon us if we don’t deindustrialise, stop cows farting and of course, pay huge new taxes to the government.

However, those who consider, perhaps the doom-sayers are wrong again, as they have been countless times before in relation to the global Cooling, acid rain, the ozone hole, and numerous predictions for the catastrophic results of global warming or its now called “climate change” they are condemned as heretics.

The 16-year-old George Soros funded leftist activist and climate change guru, Greta Thunberg, has been hailed as the second coming of Christ by some celebrities and in the U.S, NBC News has called on Americans to “confess their climate change sins”.

Anyone who even dare to express concern regarding the teenagers demands or obvious emotional issues, let alone contradict her, are pilloried in the press.

Our own Ryan Tubridy learned this reality the hard way as he desperately tries to roll back on and equivocate concerns, he expressed about Greta Thunberg’s mental health.

Others have also said the climate change activism is just a guise used leftist, anti-western forces and played out by useful idiots, like the genuine, yet naïve, believers who marched through Dublin on Friday.

Some have asked why did Greta Thunberg sail on the 60-foot racing yacht, Edmond de Rothschild, to the US rather than China (the world’s worst polluter). Despite withdrawing from the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the US has substantially reduced its carbon emissions and has some the cleanest air in the world.

In fact, of the five rivers in the world pouring the most pollution into the oceans, three are in Africa and two are in China.

However, stating these simple facts can see some condemned for blaspheming what appears to be the new state sponsored and media approved religion of Ireland and many Western nations.

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