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Why Android has already won the war with Apple


With much publicity back in 2007 of a promised Smartphone with touchscreen and super-futuristic capabilities, Apple’s iPhone took to the mobile phone podium like an Olympic Gold Medalists.

Since the inception of the first real touchscreen smartphone, many variants have been releashed, each one superseding the last both in product and numbers.

But early 2008, we started to see a pretender to the throne, a competent competitor, a programmers dream – Google’s Android.

You can’t take from the fact that Steve Jobs innovative device set the standard for modern day smartphones. They’ve come a long way since even the 7 years in which we’ve become accustomed to them, but the question remained unanswered for many: Which is the best? Who will ultimately win and why?

Well here’s you answer. In my opinion, Android won the Smartphone war when they released their very first O.S. The little company that was scooped up by Google had the edge that push Apple further back each day. That creme de la creme is Open Source.

People overlooked Apple’s monopoly with their stylish and shiny design. They gave way to the fact that they were locked into the unnecessarily complicated iTunes, no external memory slot, unchangeable battery and terrible battery life – all to say they owned an iPhone! Android took a simpler approach. They aimed their products towards people who like turn-key gadgets. Web designers, programmers and developers alike ogled the fact that when they bought their Android phone – they had complete control over it. They could copy their mp3’s and avi files directly, no hassle, no fuss. Ringtones were actually easily changeable again.

Likewise with apps, until Apple become an open format – they’ll being to trickle down the development ladder very quickly. Android users have finally started to significantly outsell the overpriced iPhone.

If you’re contemplating a new phone in 2014 – simply get an Android (preferably Samsung Galaxy).

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