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Why are windows from Poland so profitable?

Poland is among the largest manufacturers of doors and windows in Europe. It is also one of the top exporters of windows and doors to EU countries. As far as importing windows from Poland to Ireland is concerned, we deliver a vast variety of high quality products. The offer includes timber windows and doors, as well as their counterparts made of aluminium and uPVC.

Selecting windows and doors for your dreamt home is not easy, especially when you look at the prices. And there are many more factors to consider, such as technical parameters, style and colour. If you are not willing to give up the quality of your chosen windows and doors to obtain a better price, we recommend windows and doors from Poland. 

Why is importing windows from Poland so profitable?

When you look at the prices of windows and doors from Poland, the first thing you notice is the fact that they are lower than in your home country. Does it mean that the products offer lower quality and shorter lifespan? Quite the contrary. Price advantages are due to differences between the Polish and the Western European markets, not the quality of the product. The costs of labour in Poland are still significantly lower compared to the EU top markets. That translates into lower costs of production, which in return define the prices of ready windows and doors, establishing them on a lower level than they are in Ireland.

When you decide on doorsor windows from Poland, it is time to find the right supplier. You can try to buy directly from the manufacturer, but that will leave you with many hardships and extra costs to bear (like shipment cost, insurance selecting just one type of product from one manufacturer). For this reason, it is more profitable to choose a supplier who has all types of joinery in the offer, also secures delivery and fitting.

Why is it important to find the right supplier of windows and doors from Poland?

While importing windows and doors from Poland to Ireland, it is good to have a reliable partner. A company that knows the market inside out and is able to say which manufacturers truly specialise in the production of timber windows and which ones have the capacity to create high quality customised windows made of uPCV or aluminium. This knowledge is crucial for making the right purchase decision. But don’t think that your cooperation with the supplier ends here. At least, it shouldn’t. A good supplier is involved in the whole process, which requires – for example –help with choosing the joinery which fits to your need / budget. The variety of product choices you can buy in one place, and have them shipped at one time, in one shipment, and on top of that you are assured that everything is insured and comes with a full guarantee. Assure that packaging is well-prepared and everything will be delivered without damages according to the plan. . This allows you to acquire high quality products for low prices, and to minimise the risk of purchase. What else can you expect?

A comprehensive service

Windows and doors from Poland have to be transported and installed, at some point in the future they will also require some maintenance services. While looking for a supplier, make sure you select a company offering a comprehensive service. Such service includes:

  • professional help in choosing the right windows and doors for your home,
  • a full guarantee on all purchased goods,
  • insured delivery,
  • professional installation service,
  • after-sale service.
  • good contact with the Company

Being provided with the best customer service, you don’t have to worry about anything. Should any troubles or difficulties occur, the company will take care of them and make sure your windows and doors meet your needs in terms of quality, durability, energy efficiency and, last but not least, appearance.

Fenbro: Trust the market leader

Fenbro specialises in importing windows and doors from Poland to Ireland. We offer high quality products with full guarantee and installation service all over the country. What makes us stand out is a wide offer of joinery brands and a team of experts ready to guide you through the sales process. We offer windows and doors from Poland at affordable prices without losing quality. What is more, our experts take care of the whole process – starting from safe delivery and ending with professional after-sale service.

Are you thinking about importing windows from Poland to Ireland? Trust Fenbro. With the position of the market leader, we will provide you with comprehensive service and high-quality products.

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