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Postal worker who stole mobile phones from packages gets jailed

A postal worker who stole mobile phones from parcels he was sorting was jailed for nine months for violating the terms of his suspended sentence, reports Breaking News.

In July 2021, Judge Melanie Greally gave Killian Kinsella a two-year suspended prison sentence for possessing €10,000 worth of cannabis for sale or supply.

At the hearing in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court it was said that Kinsella, of Elm Castle Court, Kilnamanagh, Dublin 24, was in a taxi driving through Lucan and ducked as the taxi passed the gardaí.

A guard noticed this and followed the cab until it stopped at nearby shops on Griffeen Glen Drive. The garda noticed a smell of cannabis and spoke to Kinsella, who seemed nervous and agitated, reports Breaking News.

Garda searched the car and found a cardboard box in the rear footwell and in the box he found cannabis, later valued at €10,000. The court heard that Kinsella had no previous convictions, had not come to the knowledge of the Garda, and pleaded guilty early, reports Breaking News.

The court heard on Monday that three months after receiving his suspended sentence, Kinsella was caught stealing packages from a postal sorting office where he worked.

He was arraigned in Dublin District Court pleading guilty to eight counts of interference with the post between 21 and 25 October 2021 and one count of possession of stolen property.

Garda Tom Balfe told the court that following a complaint to An Post about the missing phones, the Gardaí observed Kinsella leaving the post office and sitting in the passenger seat of a car. Officers stopped and searched the car and found some phones that had been taken from the booth, reports Breaking News.

Kinsella immediately lost his job with An Post, the court heard.

Judge Greally said it was very disappointing to see Kinsella commit a crime within three months of receiving a suspended sentence, reports Breaking News.

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