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Woman in the UK finds eggs from the worlds deadliest spider in her bananas


A woman in the UK experienced a  nasty surprise when she found eggs from the ‘world’s deadliest spider’ in a bunch of bananas she had bought from Tesco. What  makes matters even worse for the woman from Essex, she now has no bin or hoover.

30 year old Abby Woodgate, from Colchester was in her kitchen when she made the disturbing discovery. Abby thought the white lump on the banana was just some mould. She then poked it with a toothpick and then she saw the eggs. Dozens of them.

She soon found out that they were the Brazilian wandering spider which currently holds the Guinness World Record for world’s most venomous spider. It is tought that their venom can cause loss of muscle control and breathing problems, which leads to paralysis and eventual asphyxiation

Abby told reporters that: “I couldn’t believe it when the little cocoon opened,” Abby said.
“I thought it was just some mould and I was trying to get it off so I could use the rest of the bunch.”
“Even when I saw what was in it – it looked just like frog spawn, I still didn’t think the worst. But then it dawned on me and I jumped and threw them in the bin.”

Abby tried to  vacuum up some of the eggs that had fallen on the floor. She contacted Tesco who sent over pest control who took her bin and her hoover – and incinerated them. Tesco have since offered to replace the items.

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