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Yes vote would oblige State to support carers, says Varadkar demanding you vote Yes

The Taoiseach has stated that future administrations would have an even greater duty to assist carers if the care referendum were to succeed, reports RTE.

Speaking at the Fine Gael campaign kickoff for a yes vote in the 8 March care and family referendums was Leo Varadkar.

The proposed referendums, scheduled for International Women’s Day, aim to expand the constitutional definition of family beyond marriage.

Additionally, the Constitution’s mention of women’s domestic responsibilities would be eliminated and a new reference to carers would be included to acknowledge all individuals who offer care, reports RTE.

Any future administration that attempted to “roll back” on initiatives to assist caretakers, according to Mr. Varadkar, would face legal challenges.

He acknowledged that although the options presented in the Marriage Equality and Repeal votes were simpler, the next referendums will still have an effect.

Regarding the family referendum, Mr. Varadkar stated that a yes vote will uphold the institution of marriage and the family while acknowledging that families are built on marriage.

He said, “The Government feels that the Constitution, which exclusively bases families on marriage, no longer reflects modern society,” reports RTE.

“We have families that are based on other durable relationships. These include one-parent families, family led by grandparents, guardians or a couple that are cohabiting for a long period of time, a single mother or single father, a sister or brother raring nieces or nephews when their brother or sister passed on,” reports RTE.

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