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You betcha: Sarah Palin wants to America’s next president

Could the next US president be Alaska’s Sarah Palin? The gaffe-prone conservative has expressed her interest in running for president in 2016, eight years after her failed attempt to become vice-president. Ms Palin was Republican Senator John McCain’s running mate in 2008, when Barack Obama defeated them.

The former Alaskan governor and beauty queen become world famous overnight when she was chosen as Senator McCain’s number two but soon became better known for folksy expressions and foot-in-mouth statements. In an infamous interview on American TV, Ms Palin appeared bumbling and incoherent.

Since 2008, however, she has become a darling of America’s right, writing a best-selling book, featuring on her own TV shows and speaking publicly on almost every newsworthy issue. If she chooses to seek the Republican nomination for 2016 she will face some tough competition, but would undoubtedly add some colour to the race.

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