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Support for coalition parties on the rise


If there is one truism in this world is that the worst blind is he who doesn’t want to see.

Despite the systematic u-turns, the introduction of water charges, and the inability to do anything to support Irish people, but instead succumbing to cronyism and the whims of the IMF, Taoiseach Enda Kenny and co. seem to be enjoying a rise (slight, but a rise all the same) in popular support.

Fine Gael and Labour have gained three points in the last month.

As it stands, Fine Gael would take 24% of the popular vote, Labour remain at 9% (extremely low, but up 3 points from last month), and Fianna Fail stay still at 19%, unchanged since last month.

Sinn Fein have dropped four points since Christmas, while Independents still top the polls at 28%.

Over 1,000 voters were polled between Monday and Wednesday of this week.

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