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October 4, 2018

A white weekend: Forecasters say Ireland and the UK will see its first spell of snowfall this coming weekend

Ireland and the UK could very well see its first spell of snow this winter as weather forecasters have revealed that temperatures are expected to significantly dip towards this coming weekend.

According to forecasters both here and in the UK the first spell of wintery conditions could arrive as early as Friday with temperatures expected to plummet on Wednesday night.

Although we won’t be in for a barrage of the white stuff we could very well see a light sprinkling of sleet and snow as Arctic winds are expected to sweep down over the Irish and British isles.

The sudden cold snap which is expected to be the first of many in the coming months, will come after most of Ireland and the UK will experience a mild but damp start to the week.

Forecasters say many areas across Ireland and the UK will experience wet weather on Monday and Tuesday but rather unusually mild temperatures that will remain in the low teens, with highs of 14c expected in more southerly regions.

However Wednesday will see a drastic change in the weather as brisk winds will sweep in from the north which will see temperatures’ staying in the single digits with lows of 3-4c expected throughout the weekend.

Meanwhile the brunt of the weather will come during the night as temperatures will plunge to low as -3c which will bring icy conditions on the nations roads.

It is expected the first of the snowfall will arrive​ later in the week with higher ground in particularly Northern regions expected to see the odd flurry on Friday and Saturday.

Forecasters also say the snow will arrive in low lying areas by Saturday although it won’t be as heavy, but it will remain bitterly cold with temperatures not expected to go above 4c.

Motorists are being advised to proceed with caution from Wednesday onwards as icy conditions are expected overnight which will make travelling particularly tricky early on in the morning.

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