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Eamon Ryan wants energy efficiency ‘obligations’ for landlords

According to Eamon Ryan, the government will eventually need to impose energy-efficiency requirements on the rental industry, reports Breaking News.

Mr. Ryan stated that these actions are the “next step” that should be done after it was revealed that the government will be funding a new, low-cost home energy upgrade credit programme with €500 million.

Starting on Wednesday, homeowners may borrow €5,000 to €75,000 at interest rates that are far lower to make their houses more affordable to heat, reports Breaking News.

The Department of the Environment claimed that the programme, which is a first-of-its-kind for the European Investment Bank (EIB), will be “crucial in helping homeowners invest in energy efficiency.”

According to Mr. Ryan, there will be cost and energy savings for residences as well as health advantages for occupants.

With assistance from the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and the EIB Group, the Department is represented in the program’s delivery by the Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI), reports Breaking News.

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