March 26, 2017

Coveney: “Fine Gael leadership race should be based on policies and not personal matters”

The Minister for Housing Simon Coveney has said the race for the leadership of the Fine Gael party should be based on policy rather than personal matters.

Mr Coveney who is thought to be a leading front runner to succeed Enda Kenny as party leader, said he believes that any candidate in contention should be considered if they outline what policies are best for the country.

Mr Coveney’s comments come after his Fine Gael colleague Leo Varadkar recently revealed that he would not let his private life be an issue during the race.

Speaking over the weekend Mr Coveney echoed Mr Varadkar’s comments, telling The Irish Times: “This should be a contest about vision and ambition for the country.”

“I’ve never made my personal life or family life an issue, and I don’t think anyone’s personal life should be an issue.”

H/T: The Irish Times

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