March 26, 2017

No beds at our hospitals – Click here:  HSE offer a new website for those fighting influenza 

In the midst of our worst ever flu outbreak, the HSE have decided to launch a website in order to help anyone feeling unwell. 

In partnership with GP’s and pharmacists, the self-help website aims to guide people on how to deal with conditions such as cold, flu, sore throats or tummy bugs. 

Cork GP, Dr Nuala O’Connor, said: “The easy-to-read content, videos and advice from GPs and pharmacists we developed for will guide you on how to treat the condition yourself and how to get better – and also when you need to ask for expert help. 

“Sometimes people feel they need to visit a GP for common illnesses, or when a cold or cough last more than a few days.

“The site explains how long common viral illness can last, and aims to give you the confidence to get better at home, without unnecessary antibiotics.”
The website follows last week’s record high figures of 612 people lying on hospital trolleys nationwide, and seven deaths in Ireland from the flu. 

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