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July 21, 2018

Political correctness stops reporting of a massive riot of 250 mostly African Irish youths in Dublin on St Stephen’s Day

UPDATE: Victims of the St Stephen’s Day riot speak out:

Full article from the victims is here: http://theliberal.ie/must-watch-st-stephens-day-dublin-riot-victims-speak-out/



My name is Leo Sherlock and I’m the founder of TheLiberal.ie

As you may have seen, The Liberal has been subjected to a vicious agenda-driven hate campaign over the past couple of days.

The site and some staff members have had disgusting racist connotations attached to its and their good names, which I can assure you will be vigorously pursued to full extent of the law.

Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am in no way a racist and those that have falsely accused me of being so will dealing with my solicitor in the immediate future.

Shockingly the individuals who orchestrated this hate campaign want to stamp out free speech and claim The Liberal is “at a size where they need to be monitored”. One can only imagine that they want to have the community that we have here or want to suppress free speech.

We’d like to thank the excellent staff who we truly believe are the best there is.

Finally, we’d like to thank each and every one of you, our loyal and ever-supporting readers. We value you and I firmly know we have the best interactive audience in Ireland.

I will face down these slanderous online keyboard cowards in the appropriate ways in due course, but for now, know one thing:

The Liberal is here to stay.

Thank you,
Leo Sherlock


There was a melee on Henry St on St Stephen’s Day that was unprecedented for many years.

Reminiscent of a scene from Baghdad, two rival gangs of up to 250 teenage boys fist fought, kicked and spat their way up and down Henry and Mary St at the height of the St Stephen’s Day sales.

Shocked shopkeepers and scared shoppers saw the two gangs from Tallaght and Blanchardstown kick lumps out of each other as onlookers fled the street.

One of the most fascinating pieces of information is the fact that onlookers claim on social media that the youths were made up of at least 90% African Irish.

There was no reporting of the event on the national broadcaster, RTE or any other mainstream news source until today.

Social media users claim the sole reason to hush the horrific story up was because of the fact the ethnicity of the thugs involved were predominantly young black males.

The thugs tore into innocent shoppers by punching them in the face when they came into range. Shop workers had to lock their doors to keep themselves, their customers and their merchandise safe from the violence.

One witness said:
“I’ve never seen anything like it, absolute pigs who didn’t care less about the elderly or children”.

The riot was organised on a Dublin “fight club” page and many people are calling for the Gardai to monitor such pages and try and stop the violent scenes reoccurring.

One person was arrested with the rest disbanded.

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