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December 10, 2018

Refugee Crisis: Germany admits it has “lost track” of over 500,000 refugees


In an unprecedented turn of events, German authorities have admitted to “losing track” of a whopping 500,000 of its 1.1 million refugees.

Angela Merkel decided to lead the welcome of Syrian and North African refugees into Europe late last year.

The Chancellor has recently said that Germany made major mistakes and must try and enforce stricter immigration regulations.

All this came after some 600 complaints were made to police after a gang of up to 1100 refugees of North African and Syrian backgrounds, raped, sexually assaulted and robbed up hundreds of women in Cologne and various other Germany cities on New Year’s Eve.

The latest revelation means that 500,000 undocumented refugees are running loose, not only in Germany but conceivably throughout Europe.

Disgracefully, German women were the ones who took the backlash with many governmental officials trying to stop a non-stop race war said German women should “keep strange men at arm’s length”.

German social media users have gone ballistic with one person saying:
“This is beyond a joke, our leaders have destroyed our country, we aren’t even safe on our streets.”

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