March 30, 2017

Social protection minister Leo Varadkar has landed a DJ gig with RTÉ for Christmas, and it’s not going down well with fellow politicians

Lined up as a guest presenter on RTÉ’s Late Date over Christmas is none other than the Social Protection Minister Leo Varadkar. 
The announcement has sparked a bitter war of words with his opposing number in Fianna Fáil, Willie O’Dea. 

“He has crafted a role for himself as resident chat show panellist and a sort of celebrity political commentator, where he muses on how terrible things are, and how something should be done. 

When it comes to actual political accountability and having a vision for the department he is responsible for, he is nowhere to be seen,” Mr O’Dea said.

“This has now been taken to a whole new level, as we learn that he is to take up a role as some sort of stand-in late night DJ on RTÉ. 

The country is suffering from truly shocking levels of deprivation and the Social Protection Minister is planning to take on a radio show,” he said.

“If it was anyone else, it would be called out and ridiculed as an unprecedented self-promoting absurdity. But it’s no problem for Leo Varadkar. 

Indeed, it is a natural progression for the most hands-off minister in modern times,” said Mr O’Dea. The Limerick TD suggested that Mr Varadkar and RTÉ enjoy an “apparent special relationship”.

“Leo Varadkar’s apparent special relationship with RTÉ has been the subject of wonder in political circles for some time. The news that he is to join the broadcasting staff would appear to only confirm that,” said Mr O’Dea.

Responding to the scathing criticism, Mr Varadkar took to Twitter also saying: “Ah chill Willie. It’ll be the week after Xmas & the graveyard shift. You’re most welcome to ring in a request if you like.”

Dublin North West TD Noel Rock also chipped in, defending DJ Varadkar: “Here we go again. Personal attacks out of nowhere on Leo. You’d think they were scared of him,” he tweeted.

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