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June 11, 2018

Warning to parents – An attempted child abduction of two young girls has been reported in Co Meath


A County Councillor from Duleek, County Meath, posted a very serious warning to parents late last night after a child confided in her that there was an attempted abduction made of her and another girl.

Councillor Sharon Keogan posted the following message on Facebook which has since gone viral. She advised of a young girl telling her of an attempted abduction made on her and another young girl.

Councillor Keogan implored social media users to share this message in an effort to stop any such abduction taking place and to warn parents and children to be extra vigilant.

She posted this message:
“Warning to young girls, teenagers and parents. 
I’ve just been contacted by a very brave young girl who reported to me that earlier today, a man tried to lure herself and another teen into his car in Duleek.  I’ve told her to report to Garda immediately.  This man was driving a silver car, tanned, spoke with a foreign accent and was wearing a red & yellow baseball hat.
He was using alcohol as an encouragement to seduce the girls into the car with him, driving up and down the road asking them both to get in with him. 
Girls, please be careful, we parents often tell you as young children do not get in with strangers.  This advice we give for many good reasons.  Far too many young girls go missing, get raped or attacked because of pure innocence or stupidity.  Thankfully these 15 year olds had good sense.  I’m sure Spar or the Credit Union will have CCTV available to identified this man, and if that was my daughter he was trying to lure, I would hope to god the Gardai got him first.  Be careful and report these men to Gardai. Ring 999 immediately girls if this happens. 

Big thanks to the young girl for having the courage to reach out and ask me to share this with you this story to warn other young girls.”


Councillor Keegan’s message has been shared over 100 times so far and she has requested as many people to share it across the country as possible as this may well be a case of a perpetrator from another county.

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