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#1 IMF: European finance ministers officially approve plans to repay Ireland’s loans ahead of time. The move heralds the saving of about €1.5 billion over the next 5 years.

#2 Sussex killing: Seven-year-old girl shot in the head by her father passes away in hospital. The girl was attacked after an unspecified domestic disturbance. The man then shot and killed himself.

#3 Vicious attack: A 76-year-old pensioner was attacked and beaten at his own home in Artane, Dublin. The man, who has an artificial voice box fitted, was unable to tell his attackers that he had no valuables in the house. The pensioner was taken to Beaumont hospital with non life threatening injuries.

#4 Limerick: Two youths questioned by Gardai after the seizure of a firearm in the city. The weapon has been sent for ballistics analysis.

#5 Gardai: Body found in Meath bog positively identified as Cavan man Gerard Daly, missing since 2011. The remains were discovered by chance during excavating work taking place around the bog.

#6 Aurora Borealis: Watch the skies tonight as the spectacular Northern Lights might be visible from Ireland tonight, if the skies remain clear.

#7 Indian summer: Unseasonably fine weather set to continue for at least another few days. Temperatures up to 21 degrees were registered today in parts of the country.

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