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15 Reasons to not vote Fine Gael or Labour on Friday


1. Water charge

2. Household tax

3. Universal Social Charge increase

4. Medical Cards from OAP’s and sick children

5. FG broke pro-life promise, what other promise will they break?

6. Enda Kenny trying to hold on to Alan Shatter for as long as possible no matter what

7. Mismanagement of Garda whistleblowers

8. National housing crisis

9. Hospital A&E’s understaffed and some closures

10. Enda Kenny and Eamon Gilmore’s servile attitude towards Europe

11. No attempt to burn the bondholders by continuing our debt until 2050

12. No help for the self-employed who recently become redundant

13. Feeble attempt to tackle unemployment & emigration by offering €50 for 40 hrs work

14. Possible housing bubble in Dublin being allowed to develop

15. New fuel tax introduced

Feel free to add to our list…

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3 Comments on 15 Reasons to not vote Fine Gael or Labour on Friday

  1. I’m no supporter of FG / L by a long shot but no.5 strikes me as an anti-choice dig. They never promised they opposed abortion, they promised,

    “European Court of Human Rights Judgement on Abortion: We will establish an all-party committee, with access to medical and legal expertise, to consider the implications of the recent ruling of the ECHR and to make recommendations. Such a process would, we believe, be the best way of examining the issues in a way that respects the range of sincerely-held views on this matter.” Section 4.3, p.24.

    All the others are very valid points, I’m sure you don’t need to resort to an anti-woman point like no.5.

    • The unborn baby’s of Ireland are protected under the Irish constitution, mainly because they are defenseless and are silent till birth and have no choice, NO CHOICE! Murder is wrong no matter what Section 4.3, p.24 says.

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