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18 pups found in a car boot at Dublin Port, one is fighting for its life


18 puppies were discovered in a car boot during a customs search at Dublin Port yesterday. The pups are in very bad health and one is now fighting for its life. A Customs dog called Meg in Dublin Port who patrols for drugs and cash detected the puppies. The puppies had no paperwork. All 18 puppies are valuable, designer breeds such as Shih Tzus and Pomeranians.

“Three are quite poorly, one is on a drip and fighting for his life,” Brian Gillen of the DSPCA said on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland. “They are worth more in the UK than here. It’s all about the money. Ireland is the puppy farm capital of the Europe in terms of the number of pups we export to the UK.” said Gillen.

In total, there are about 7,000-8,000 pups sold to Britain every year. The DSPCA estimates the Irish puppy industry accounts for about 10% of that figure.

Pups and dogs exiting the country must have a pet passport to show that they are identified by a microchip and are immunised against rabies. Dogs being moved out of the country for sale or change of ownership must be accompanied by an official health certificate showing that they come from a holding or business registered with the department. Dogs must also be seen by their vet within 48 hours of departure, to confirm that they are healthy.

The pups’ futures are being discussed today with the Department of Agriculture. The DSPCA said their immediate concern is getting the pups back to full health so they can be rehomed.

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