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20% of secondary school teachers say they’ve been cyber bullied

A recent poll indicates that nearly one in five secondary teachers have dealt with some sort of work-related cyberbullying. The deputy principal of a secondary school in Dublin stated that she had dealt with incidents of teachers being cyberbullied, reports RTE.

The most frequent type of abuse, according to research done by Red C on behalf of the Association of Secondary Teachers, Ireland (ASTI), is getting angry, nasty, and obscene comments in the mail or seeing them posted online.

Additional instances of cyberbullying that have been documented include the uploading of teacher recordings without the instructors’ permission; trolling, which is the posting of hurtful, false, or vicious remarks online; the creation of phoney websites or profiles; account hacking; and the posting of teachers’ personal information online.

The deputy principal of Dublin’s Malahide Community School, Jean-Marie Ward, stated: “It does happen and it is not new. “It has probably become easier now that phones have become more sophisticated but it has been happening for as long as there has been technology and the internet,” reports RTE.

“It’s generally students from the younger years, they might record something without people’s consent, maybe audio, or take a photograph from the internet and make a meme which is then posted and shared and shared. They are anonymous, which makes it very difficult to deal with. Teachers feel vulnerable and a bit powerless because you don’t know where it has come from. It’s really hurtful and it can be really damaging for people,” the principal added, reports RTE.

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