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25 years on from the Hillsborough disaster

This week marked the 25th anniversary of the Hillsborough disaster, a tragedy that claimed 96 lives at sheffield stadium in 1989. What began as the FA cup semi-final that year between Nottingham forrest and Liverpool ended in tragedy.

 As Liverpool fans entered the Lepping lane stand, an exit gate was opened to avoid overcrowding outside. This however led to crowding inside and a human crush only 6 minutes into the game. Subsequently there were 96 fatalities and another 766 fans were injured. 

 Six minutes past three, the exact time of the incident, a moment of silence was held on tuesday for the victims. Thousands of football fans turned up to Anfield to pay their respects. 96 bells also rang through out the town before the moment of silence and 96 balloons were released for the victims. Scarves from every club in the top division were laid on the pitch to create a 96. Afterwards a wreath laying service was held in honor of the worst stadium accident in british history and one of the worst football accidents in history. 

 Meanwhile new inquests are in motion as of march of this year. While a 1990 inquest “The Taylor report” concluded that a lack of police control led to the accident, many are still not satisfied with the outcome. 

 On the 20th anniversary of the incident, MP Andy Burnham called for the release of documentation that was not previously available to Lord Justice Taylor. 

 In September 2012 a hillsborough independent panel was formed and findings hinted at cover-up attempts like the police alteration of 116 witness statements and they also suggested that 41 of the 96 fatalities may had survived had they received impromptu medical attention. 

 Tommy McDaid of the Dublin 15 Liverpool supporters club has spoken about the anniversary and imminent inquests. 

 “It’s a hugely momentous occasion, first of all with the independent report coming out and finding that Liverpool fans were in no way to blame for the accident that happened”. 

 A new inquest may be currently underway, for now however the inquests have been adjourned until the 22nd April. 

Listen to more here>> https://soundcloud.com/katiecoyle/the-25th-anniversary-of-the-hillsborough-disaster

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