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3 Years On… Are You Better Off?

On the 25th of February 2010, Ireland elected the present coalition. With promises broken, emigration still soaring and morale bottomed-out, Ireland is in the same if not worse state than it was previously.

Read some of these nominal questions to see if they’re applicable to you, and see whether you answer yes or no:

Are you employed as a result of this coalition?

Is their less red tape to cut through when you tried starting your business?

Are you paying less tax as a result of FG and Labour in power?

Has your standard of living risen since the election?

Are you happy that the government is putting you first before themselves?

Have you not emigrated and are happily living and working in Ireland because of the government?

Have you more discretional income at your disposal because of this government?

Are most of, if not all your answers a resounding ‘no’?

Now, take a look at Fine Gael’s 5 point recovery plan promoted in their manifesto of the 2011 election:

1- Jobs: Protecting & Creating Jobs

2- Budget: Fixing The Deficit

3- Public Sector: Smaller, Better Govt

4- Politics: Politicians Taking The Lead

5- Health: A New Health System

The inability to achieve their goals is staggering. Priority has been firmly emphasised on their own job safety, their own inexplicably high wages, their lap-dog approach to Europe and pampering of foreign dignitaries when they’re in town. We need a progressive government, one that’s filled with people who enter the arena with a business background, not one that’s filled with career politicians, teachers, solicitors and people who go to every funeral in the land.

We need people to put their head above the pulpit and enter politics for the right reasons, to serve, improve the economy, minimise governing interference, minimise tax for the worker, and create incentives to start your own business.

Hope not only you, but the entire country will remember points similar to the above when they go to the ballot box.

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