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Transdev threaten pay cuts as Luas “shutdown” becomes possible reality



Transdev is expected to threaten pay cuts to Luas drivers if industrial disputes continue.

A meeting between Transdev and SIPTU yesterday in light of eight looming strikes brought talks “to an end”, as the union’s expectations remain in excess of what was proposed at the Workplace Relations Commission.

A Transdev statement issued on the disputes said: “Management entered the discussions with a view to exploring the basis for the union rejections of the Workplace Relations Commissions proposals, to share the financial challenges the company is facing and to outline to SIPTU a revised pay proposal.”

Transdev have now officially taken the WRC offer off the table for Luas workers, and have offered a lesser solution to them instead.

Owen Reidy, Divisional organiser for SIPTU, gave comment on the current situation following the talks:

“Trandev have now taken the Work Relations Commission offer which was roundly rejected by Luas workers off the table, instead offering an inferior proposal.

“This has led to escalation of current circumstances and the possibility of 4 situations pending action by them. The first is to give Luas workers protective notice which will lead to short term work and the possibility of being laid off.

“The second is that Transdev are allegedly saying that Luas workers are not complying with their contract employment, which is potentially illegal. This claim is not legitimate as if it was, the company would have gone to the High Court. They have no grounds for these allegations.

“They are also saying that they may take money off workers and this can only lead to unprecedented escalation of the situation and the possibility of a ballot for an all-out strike.”

Going forward, Mr Reidy gave comment on how industrial action could and may be resolved:

“There are now no basis for further talks. We cannot talk to an empty chair when trying to resolve this.

“Common sense is needed as is dialogue. The fact that they have offered an inferior proposal than what was rejected demonstrates that they are not interested.

“Lack of dialogue could lead to a ballot for all out strikes and dismissals as a result. We suggested local talks but they rejected this.

“We must work to create an agreement we can all live with, not necessarily one that we are happy with.”

Transdev were contacted for comment but did not give a reply at the time of publishing.

Full-day strikes now look set to go ahead on April 28th, May 4th, 13th, 20th and 27th.

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