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38% drop in those sleeping rough in Dublin.



This is the biggest decrease in the numbers of those sleeping rough on the streets of Dublin in eight years.

On the 14th of April 105 people were noted sleeping on the city’s streets by Dublin Region Homeless Executive.


Out of this list:

-Fifteen females, eighty eight males and two unidentified.

-Fifty seven of these were Irish, fourteen were foreign nationals and 34 were unknown.

-Seventeen people were aged 18-30 years, twenty eight people were aged 31-40 years and twenty one people were aged 41- 50.

-Ten people were aged between 51 – 60

-Four were aged 61+

-Twenty five people were unknown.


These individuals were found sleeping rough in the north and south inner city. The rest were in areas outside the city centre and public parks.

After the death of Jonathan Corrie very close to Leinster house, Merchant’s Quay Ireland opened a Night Café to facilitate those needing accommodation and other services.

Up to 46 people used this café in one night.

The number of those using Emergency Accommodation continues to rise.

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