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65-year-old German woman gives birth to quadruplets



Annegret Raugnigk, 65, shot to brief limelight in the recent past for being the first known 65-year-old to become pregnant with quadruplets after undergoing an artificial insemination procedure.

Ms. Raunigk has now given birth, prematurely, to three boys and one girl. According to hospital sources, the babies have a “good chance” of surviving.

The elderly woman, who already has 13 other children, became somewhat of a celebrity back in April, when the media revealed that she wanted to get pregnant again because her younger daughter, aged 9, wanted a little brother or a sister.

Proud to take the challenge, she marched over to the Ukraine, where doctors performed artificial insemination on her. A few weeks later, they broke the news that the mother to be was carrying quadruplets.

Ms. Raunigk’s eldest daughter, who is 44, is reportedly going to help out with the new arrivals.

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