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A 105-Year-Old Japanese Doctor Talks about 5 Main Tips on How Anyone Can Live a Long Life So That the Mind Is Sound in a Healthy Body

It’s no secret that Japan, also known as the Land of the Rising Sun, is home to people with the highest life expectancy. More than a quarter of Japanese citizens are people aged 65 and older, and over 90,000 citizens are over 100 years old.

Today in this article you will learn the best tips for longevity and health. But the most important thing is to be positive and in a good mood, for this, you can visit the online casino.

Laughter and Fun Are the Best Medicine

It’s not for nothing that they say that laughter is the best medicine for all diseases.

Dr. Hinohara cites the example of young children that almost all of them are so involved in the process at the time of games or entertainment that they even forget to eat, and sometimes even sleep.

He believes that the best way to relieve pain is to forget about it while having fun. He explains that if a child has a toothache after he starts playing with this child, they immediately forget about the pain.

But these are not just stupid words. The thing is that distraction from the positive has a positive effect on the human body. This has been proven by many scientists. Along with distracting your attention to the positive, the fun has a physical effect on your body — laughter promotes the production of the hormone of happiness – endorphin reduces the level of stress hormones, relieves pain, and increases the influx of immune cells and antibodies fighting various infections.

If You Are over 50 Years Old, Then Walk at Least 10 Thousand Steps Every Day

According to Dr. Hinohara, if you want to live happily ever after, you have to stay in good physical shape.

Hinohara emphasized the importance of regular exercise.

When a person retires, there is a temptation to just relax and this is normal, but lying in bed or sitting in an armchair all day in front of the TV does not benefit the body. When we lead a sedentary lifestyle for too long, fat begins to accumulate, and our muscles, as well as our brain cells, begin to wither because they are not used for their intended purpose.

When a person gets old, he needs to move or walk a lot every day, taking at least 10 thousand steps a day.

Forbid Yourself to Be Overweight, Eat Right

Long-term research and observations of Dr. Hinohara have shown that those people who, according to statistics, live longer than others in 85% of cases are not overweight. He has been an adherent to this advice and a balanced diet all his life. But in reality, Hinohara’s diet was quite spartan.

Don’t Chase after Material Things in Old Age

While it may seem tempting to believe that material things bring happiness, true satisfaction is much more difficult.

It is important to understand that you will not be able to take all your belongings and wealth with you when your life comes to an end, so there is no point in spending excessive amounts of energy and strength in your old age to chase money.

Especially in adulthood and old age, greed is harmful. Greed leads to a constant accumulation of negative emotions, and intolerance towards those who live by other principles, and also harms the nervous system.

Money cannot buy happiness, just like poverty.

Introduce the Japanese Philosophy of Ikigai into Your Life

Ikigai is a Japanese philosophy, meaning the search for a “reason for existence”. “Iki” in Japanese means “life”, and “guy” means value. Your ikigai is the goal of your life or your happiness.

Every Japanese person after retirement follows the ikigai philosophy to achieve psychological well-being.

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