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A Mothers Love: Emotional mum breaks down in tears after a fellow mum touchingly invites her autistic son to a classmates birthday party


Every parent hopes their child fits in at school and makes friends so they can have more confidence and be better in social situations, but sometimes parents relentlessly worry when their little one doesn’t fit in with other children especially if their young child struggles with a disability or disorder, and many of you may know the whole experience can make you feel like your isolated.

But sometimes there can be light at the end of the tunnel when a fellow parent realises the situation and offers some well needed support and understanding, and for one mother named Tricia Klein of Ontario who is currently going through every parents nightmare that much needed understanding came from a fellow mum who acknowledged Tricia’s situation by writing a truly touching letter inviting her little boy Timothy who has verbal autism to his classmates birthday party.

The remarkable story which has since gone viral shows that there is true understanding and compassion amongst some worrying parents out there. The touching note which clearly bowled over an emotional Tricia who broke down in tears of joy has eased some of the strain on the worrying mother who now feels that she and Timothy now have some support.


The caring note which has touched the hearts of many and was written by the fellow mum Ainsley reads: “Carter sat beside Timothy at school and he always talks about him. I really hope he can come. We are renting a bounce castle that we can attach a small bounce slide at the bottom.” “We will also have water balloons and water guns. Maybe Timothy can come earlier in the day if it would be too much with the whole class,” Carter’s mum continued. “Let me know so we can make it work.”

The thoughtful gesture clearly had an effect on a grateful Tricia, who told reporters: “It was an ugly cry for me that day. I was shocked that someone would take not only the time to write the note, but to be considerate enough to include him with all of his difficulties. ” The brave mother further explained that her little boy had been diagnosed with non-verbal autism when he was two-years-old, and said she was completely bowled over by the other mum’s sentiments, by saying: “It was a wonderful moment.”

An emotional but happy Tricia went onto talk about her wonderful little boy, saying: “Timothy is a very happy and social little guy. He struggles with social interaction, but longs to be a part of groups and activities and have friends like every other kid his age.” Tricia also admitted that her little boy had never attended a single social event despite having been invited because she feared families and peers wouldn’t be able to facilitate Timothy, saying: “I wonder if the parents know what would happen if I brought Timothy?”

“The interruptions…the meltdowns…how I would hate to take the spotlight from the birthday child,” she continued. “So we politely decline. Every. Single. One…Until this one arrived.”

Meanwhile Carter’s mum Ainsley also spoke about the touching moment, saying: “Carter had always talked about him, so I didn’t think twice when he wanted him at the party.” “I never thought that the words ‘Let’s make it work’ would impact my life forever,” she added. “These few words allowed Tricia and I to develop an amazing friendship. I love knowing that one note gave her the ability to go on another day as she continues life with Timothy.”

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