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Airlines ban hoverboards over risk of battery fires


Airlines in the US have moved towards banning hoverboards over the risk of battery fires.

The US’s three largest airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines and Delta Air Lines have prohibited hoverboards in checked or carry-on luggage. The airlines fear that the hot gift for this year are a potential fire dangers due to their lithium-ion batteries. JetBlue Airways have also banned the item.

The decision was made following an investigation by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission which reported at least 10 counts of hoverboard fires.


Southwest Airlines said it was also reviewing its current guidelines which are that passengers with a hoverboard or other items using lithium batteries must carry them on the plane. Several smaller airlines including Alaska, Virgin America, Hawaiian, Spirit and Allegiant said they too have banned hoverboards.

The Federal Aviation Administration has expressed concern that the batteries could cause a cargo fire. More than a dozen carriers around the world have stopped accepting bulk shipments of lithium-ion batteries.


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