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Alps Crash Victims May Never Be Found

dw-mh17-bodies-0728eThe loved ones and  relatives of the Germanwings victims have been told they may have to wait a number of months for their loved ones to be identified, and even at that there are no guarantees that they will ever be found at all.

The heartbreaking news comes from the head of the Criminal Research Institute at France’s National Gendarmerie said it would take forensic teams between two and four months to complete the DNA identification process, according to Bild.

Even then, “we cannot promise that we will be able to identify all of the victims,” Colonel Francois Daoust said.

Rescue workers are seen at the crash site of the Germanwings Airbus A320, near Seyne-les-AlpesThe extreme force in which the plane hit into the mountainside of the French Alps has severely affected the identification of the remains of the 150 people on board. 78 different DNA profiles have been identified and almost 400 body parts have been found but cannot be directly linked to the victims.

Family members have been asked to provide forensic teams with DNA samples to help in the identification.

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