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American Hustle Review


Film Rating 85%



Christian Bale (Irving Rosenfeld)

Bradley Cooper (FBI Agent Richie DiMaso)

Amy Adams (Lady Edith Greensly)

Jeremy Renner (Mayor Carmine Polito)

Jennifer Lawrence (Rosalyn Rosenfeld)

Running Time: 138mins

American Hustle had its worldwide release on the 20th December 2013. Directed by “The Fighter and Silver Linings Playbook” director David O. Russell, written by Eric Warren Singer and Russell and is loosely based on a FBI ABSCAM from the late 1970’s.

Bale and Adams are two con-artists who are forced by an FBI agent to set up a sting operation to catch corrupt politicians including the Mayor of Camden, New Jersey played by Renner.

The film starts out in which the FBI catch Irving Rosenfeld and his equally cunning partner Sydney Prosser/Lady Edith scamming crooked or desperate people claiming they can make them rich by Irving’s scheme as long as they pay an up front non-refundable fee.

They are forced against their will into a situation by Agent Richie DiMaso (Cooper) to entrap serious players of political corruption including the mafia and Senators to setup meetings to entice leading figures into taking bribes in exchange for building permits, passports etc.

The plan is to take down the Mayor, who is a passionate New Jersey citizen, seemly trying to look after the people of New Jersey and is caught between the con-artists and the FBI. The whole scam hangs in the balance as Irving’s unpredictable wife Rosalyn, could be the one to bring down the whole operation in one single calamity.

Bale is on the other end of the scale from what we seen of him in The Dark Knight in which he is more bulked, balding and bloated compared to the ripped, neat dressed Batman. He plays an excellent part and was well paired with the ever so sizzling Amy Adams. The pair just click on-screen.

The emotional friendship between Mayor Carmine and Irving is one of the film’s centrepieces and you’ll find yourself genuinely moved by the interplay of men whose relationship is built on a foundation of lies.

The plot was of an average ‘twist and turn’ type of film, starting slow (seems to be traditional with current films these days) but with time it starts to build into a really entertaining watch with a seamless authentic 1970’s look and feel from the Bradley Cooper perm to the 1970’s huge brown sunglasses and tailored brown suits but maintains that element of fun and danger. The whole thing comes together beautifully mainly because of it’s seasoned all-star cast including an uncredited cameo by Robert De Niro.

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