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American tourist who got beaten by gang of thugs in Dublin could lose his eye

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Investigators believe an American tourist may have lost an eye after being brutally beaten and kicked in the head in the centre of Dublin, reports The Mirror.

The victim is a New Yorker who visited Ireland for the second time in less than a year.

Sources said the victim stayed in the same accommodation while in Dublin in 2021 and 2022.

The Irish Mirror also understands that he was returning to his flat when he met six teenagers – three boys and three girls.

The Mirror learned that one of the gang members had said something, and when he returned to talk to them, the three boys – who according to the Garda are under the age of 18 – attacked him.

Gardaí are believed to have already collected CCTV from the area in hopes of capturing the attack, which took place at 10:40 p.m, reports The Mirror.

Sources say after the attack, one of the teenagers approached the unconscious victim who was on the ground to check on her – but then fled with the others without asking for help.

He is believed to have been staying at a boarding house in Talbot Street and left shortly before the attack. He would go back to his seat, kicking and punching.

Gardaí believe the horrific attack was accidental and involved kicking the victim several times in the head.

The attack has sparked outrage with local councillor Nial Ring saying: “The attack by a group of youths on a tourist on Store Street last night has appalled everyone in the area. The fact that it took place within yards of the busiest Garda station in the country, makes it even more disturbing,” reports The Mirror.

Cllr Ring said the attack further proves the need for more gardai on the city’s streets.

“Again and again local public representatives have pointed to the lack of Garda resources in the area as lately as two weeks ago when local councillors met with Chief Superintendent Pat McMenamin to discuss our ongoing concerns and ask for his plans. His hands are tied because of lack of resources and we fully appreciate the huge work being done by Gardaí in the area but they are stretched beyond belief. We should not have to wait for incidents like this to have the issue highlighted again. The Minister for Justice has to stop paying lip service to the North Inner City with the creation of diversions such as the Community Safety Partnership which has its place but I would call on the Minister to visit the area and actually listen to what the people of the area, the local representatives of the area and the Gardaí in the area demand – more Gardaí on the streets and on the beat, preventing incidents like this,” he said, reports The Mirror.

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