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Amnesty ignores horrific human rights abuses in abortion industry, says Pro Life Campaign


The Pro Life Campaign has accused Amnesty Ireland of ignoring horrific abuses in the abortion industry and of brushing aside the rights of unborn babies throughout the full nine months of pregnancy. The PLC made its comments as members of Amnesty Ireland start a two week campaign today outside government buildings seeking the dismantling of the last remaining legal protection for unborn babies under the 8th Amendment.

Commenting on today’s protest by Amnesty, Cora Sherlock of the Pro Life Campaign said: “Amnesty Ireland has chosen to ignore all the horrific abuses in the abortion industry. But they are very quick to point the finger at Ireland’s laws where mothers and their unborn babies are protected under the 8th Amendment.

“It is very easy for Amnesty to criticise Ireland over its abortion laws while turning a blind eye to horrific human rights abuses like the situation in places like Britain and Canada where babies that survive botched abortions are routinely left in the corners of hospitals to die alone without receiving any medical attention. Amnesty has made a decision to take sides in the abortion debate. It can no longer be considered an impartial and unbiased observer on this issue. The fact that Amnesty even refuses to intervene and do something about the way babies born alive after botched abortions are treated says it all.

“Amnesty Ireland wants us all to think there is a huge groundswell of support for dismantling the 8th Amendment based on its recent poll. But the opposite was shown to be true in the recent general election. Candidates from all parties concede that when abortion was raised on the doorsteps by voters, it was overwhelmingly brought up by pro-life supporters. We are confident that the pro-life position will win out as the debate progresses and people are given the opportunity to hear all that is positive about the 8th Amendment and the many people who are alive today thanks to Ireland’s Life Equality Amendment.”

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