Anti plantation protests in East Wall, Sherriff Street and Five Lamps were a “great success” on Wednesday night #IrelandisFull – – Our News, Your Views

Anti plantation protests in East Wall, Sherriff Street and Five Lamps were a “great success” on Wednesday night #IrelandisFull


Protests against the government’s migrant plantation agenda took place in East Wall, Sherriff Street and the Five Lamps in Dublin City on Wednesday night.

Across the country increasing numbers communities are rallying as they have been for months to defend themselves against the plantation agenda.

The government have made it clear that communities targeted for plantation will not be consulted and their concerns will be ignored, likewise the Irish people as a whole, will not be consulted regarding their views on the open boarders agenda and the inevitable demographic changes it will bring.

Resistance to the 21st century plantations of Ireland was initially ignored by the compliant, establishment media and government but as they have grown larger and gained increasing traction, the political and media establishment in the form of the government, the so-called opposition and various taxpayer funder Non-Governmental Organisations have ramped up their attacks and slander of the Irish citizens refusing to remain silent and docile while the plantation agenda is rolled out.

The government’s planting of unvetted, most single males claiming asylum in communities across the Ireland comes at the same time as even larger numbers of Ukrainian refugees are also being accommodated across the country.

This massive influx of people has put enormous pressure on public services and strained social cohesion in many areas.

With the political establishment now genuinely rattled by this grassroots, primarily working class resistance to the plantation and demographic transformation of Ireland, the media, leftist groups, NGOs and the Gardaí have rallied to defend the agenda, with Garda Commissioner Drew Harris, without absolutely no evidence, suggesting links between Irish protestors and far right organisations in Europe and America, while leftist keyboard commandos vilify and dox Irish working men and women defending their communities.

Despite being threatened and defamed by the government, media and taxpayer sucking NGOs, the brave citizens of these cities, towns and villages have showed no signs of wavering in their determination to defend their homes, communities and country.

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