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Appalling: Katie Hopkins sinks to a new low as she bullies an innocent 9 year-old autistic girl online


Well it looks like Katie Hopkins holds no bounds when it comes to dishing out insults and this time she has appeared to have sunk to a new low as she has disgracefully called a seemingly innocent nine-year-old girl ‘a tart’ (excuse the language).

The rather controversial columnist made the lewd remarks whilst she was tweeting throughout Channel 4’s new show, Born Naughty?, where the innocent nine-year-old Honey was diagnosed with mild autism.

Apparently Ms Hopkins tweeted: “Honey can’t complete the autism assessment as she is too busy being a complete t***. But the s*** mum assessment is complete #bornnaughty.”

However the insults didn’t seem stop there as Ms Hopkins later took to the social media site to call the young child a farm animal, in a post that reportedly has been favourited over 100 times: Hopkins wrote: “Honey is completing a story about three little pigs. She identifies strongly with this animal #bornnaughty”. Hopkins who apparently is highly dismissive of those who suffer with behavioural disorders such as ADHD, claimed the young schoolgirl was not a ‘little girl’. She tweeted: “’We are looking at a little girl…’ Sorry, I am going to have to stop you there. That girl isn’t little #bornnaughty.”

The sickening comments were made during the airing of  UK broadcaster Channel 4’s new show, which looks at people with severe behavioral disorders, the show is fronted by an expert consultant paediatrician Dr Ravi Jayaram and a family GP Dr Dawn Harper,  last nights show reported on how Honey got diagnosed with mild autism as well as being told she suffers from Pathological Demand Avoidance, which is where she struggles to deal with demands of daily life.

Hopkins seemingly showed the signs of an online bully last night when she continued to tweet during the hour long show, she even went as far as complaining about the use of taxpayer money to help the young girl, tweeting: “The taxpayer is now forking out for play sessions for Honey and a special school. Supplemented by chocolate and red bull #bornnaughty”

Ms Hopkins appalling comments were met with an overwhelming response from other twitter users who rose to the defence of the young girl, one Twitter user wrote: “The tax payer doesn’t mind helping those in need. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot. You big nosed coooo”. Whilst another tweeted: “Stop bullying a child please!”

Another twitter even claimed that Hopkins herself showed signs of autism, writing: “If anyone has autism its you as you show a clear lack of feeling, compassion or empathy for anyone.”

The controversial remarks had also angered autism campaigner and ambassador for the UK Kevin Healey, who said Katie’s recent comments were “absolutely appalling”: “I see them has hate speech this Is not the first time she has mocked autism and ADHD, she’s gone way to far again. “Nearly 7000 people now have asked her to apologise but she refuses point blank. The autism community is outraged and so is the ADHD community too.”

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