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Auschwitz survivors mark 70th anniversary of death camp liberation


Survivors from the Nazi holocaust, world leaders, and mankind at large, are today preparing to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of one of mankind’s deepest and cruelest infamies against their own; Auschwitz.

The name itself conjures up images of death and desperation, of foul deeds committed by evil people, without pity, without remorse. The shame that Auschwitz, and many other death camps like it, brought to humanity is almost unspeakable.

Soldiers of the Red Army came across the camp on a cold January morning 70 years ago, and were shocked by the human drama unfolding before them. People barely recognizable as such, thin, haggard, little more than walking skeletons, stumbled out from their wooden tombs, begging the soldiers for food and freedom; begging for life. Their Nazi captors had long since fled to escape their own likely fate at the hands of the Red Army.

About 300 survivors are expected to attend the remembrance ceremonies. The youngest survivors are now in their 70s.

Notably, Russian president Vladimir Putin will be absent from the events, despite the Red Army having liberated the camp.

It is understood that Poland did not send Mr. Putin an invitation.

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