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Aussie Senator calls for “complete ban” on black and Muslim migration

Australian Senator Fraser Anning has stirred controversy recently after calling for a complete ban on all “Muslim and Black immigration to Australia.”

Senator Anning tweeted

“I’m calling for a ban on all Muslim and black African immigration.

I’m also calling for deportations of all migrant criminals along with their families.

I think it’s important we put the safety of our nation and it’s citizens first.

Time to end endless crime and welfare.”

The Senator later tweeted

“Import the third world, become the third world”
Senator Anning who recently launched the new Conservative National Party in the Land Down Under also courted condemnation and censure last month following his statement regarding the Christchurch terror attack.

While Anning’s statement condemned violence he said that the real cause for such acts of what he described as “vigilantism” are the policies which permit Muslim extremists to enter Western countries such as New Zealand.

The Senator also remarked in his statement that while Muslims were the victims in the case of the Christchurch Mosque attacks usually, they are the “perpetrators.”

Anning also described Islam as “simply the violent ideology of a sixth century despot masquerading as a religious leader” in his Christchurch statement.

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