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Bernie Sanders suggests promoting abortion in Third World to help fight climate change

US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has said that as President he would use US taxpayer dollars to fund abortions in the third world in order to fight climate change.

The 77-year-old senator said he would revoke the Mexico City Policy, which forbids the US from giving aid dollars to organisations or individuals that perform or promote abortions. While the policy was adopted in the 1980’s it has only recently begun to be enforced by the Trump administration.

Sanders gave this response as an answer to a question concerning population control at a CNN climate town hall event in New York City on Wednesday night.

During the seven-hour broadcast the 10 Democratic candidates for president were each given 40 minutes to present their plan for addressing environmental concerns.

The Democratic party has steadily become more and more radical in relation to abortion access, with most of the senior party officials supporting abortion on demand up to birth while many also support so-called “post-birth” abortion, where a baby is killed after being born at the discretion of the mother.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz compared a Democratic White House to Thanos, the villain of the Avengers movies, who seeks who wipe out half the universe to return it to ecological balance.

Conservative and even some liberal, have hit out at Sanders over his comments, saying that he is basically advocating eugenics with such a policy.

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