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Beware: New Electric Ireland phishing scam doing the rounds



Electric Ireland customers are being warned of a new sophisticated phishing email scam.

The scammers have adapted their mails in a bid to trick customers into handing over bank and credit card details.

In one instance that has been published, scammers mailed a customer from the address [email protected].

The phishing emails said the customer’s electric bill was “now available to view” and provided a series of links to accounts and websites which looked identical to the ESB page.

A spokesperson for the company revealed that recipients of such emails have recently been asked to enter their username and password in order to “claim a refund”.

“Please ensure you do not enter any of your details. If you have entered your Electric Ireland online username and password, we urge you to reset your password immediately.”

He insisted Electric Ireland’s online billing system has not been compromised in any way and there has been no breach of personal data.

He said the three main ways they have contacted customers have been through social media, their website and via email.

Customers are advised to express caution if they receive emails like the ones in this picture.


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