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Boy who broke his leg at a children’s party gets awarded €66,000 in the High Court

The settlement was approved by Judge Garrett Simons, who learned that Harry Mulvany, then seven, scaled a garden wall and threw a loose block that caused the injury.

According to RTE, the judge said it was a very good result on the case. He said the scar on the boy’s leg was not in an obvious place and he was convinced the amount offered would not be increased if the case went to a full trial.

The 12-year-old from Claremorris in County Mayo had sued via his mother Fiona Mulvany.
The national broadcaster reports that the lawsuit was brought against Kevin and Laura Greene of Sallins in Co Kildare after the accident on July 14, 2016.

The court heard that the boy was at a children’s party when the top of a block pillar that was part of the border wall fell on him.

RTE reports that in their suit in the High Court, it was alleged that there had been an error in the design, construction or maintenance of a perimeter wall in a correct and proper manner which they considered to be defective and dangerous.

It was also alleged that the boy should have been warned of the danger. Lawyer Thomas Clarke told the court that responsibility in the case was recognized.

The national broadcaster reports that he said the boy suffered an undisplaced fracture in the lower right leg and a large laceration.

At the hospital, he was treated under general anesthesia. They cleaned his wound and put him in a splint.

The national broadcaster reports that the boy later had to use crutches and was temporarily unable to participate in physical activities such as exercising.

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