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Pope France wants Italians to have more kids to tackle Italy’s low birth rate

Pope Francis persisted in his push on Friday to encourage Italians to get married, urging long-term family-supportive policies and cautioning that the nation’s demographic issue was endangering future generations, reports Breaking News.

It was Francis’ most recent plea on Italy, and all of Europe, to reverse what he has dubbed the “demographic winter” that many industrialised nations are currently experiencing.

Italy has one of the lowest birth rates in the world, and it has been declining gradually over the past 15 years. Last year, there were 379,000 births, a record low.

“The number of births is the first indicator of the hope of a people. Without children and young people, a country loses its desire for the future,” Francis told an annual gathering of pro-family groups, reports Breaking News.

The right-wing administration of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, backed heavily by the Vatican, has launched an initiative to promote at least 500,000 births yearly by 2033. Demographers believe that this rate is essential to keep Italy’s economy from collapsing due to the country’s ageing population.

In order to encourage couples to have children, Francis advocated for long-term political strategies and policies that would remove barriers to house ownership and unstable employment, as well as workable alternatives that would free women from having to choose between motherhood and jobs, reports Breaking News.

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