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Breakfast cereal icon Tony the Tiger is back

Breakfast cereal icon for Frosted Flakes, Tony the Tiger is back, and he even has a Twitter account. Kellogg’s recruited ten people who were in Frosted Flake commercials 30 years ago to make a series of retro adverts.

He tweeted for the first time this afternoon:

The advertising legend also posted this message to fans:

“Dear Cereal Fans of all ages, my name is Tony. I started my career as a cereal mascot in the golden 50’s. For decades I have inspired and helped kids all over the world to solve their every-day problems by bringing out the tiger in them. It has been a fun and rewarding job.

“However, the world has changed. Today, many of those kids I used to help are adults, but they have new problems. Some of them have even more serious problems now. Adult problems. Some of them are just as confused as they were as a kid. And they need help just as they did as a kid.

“I am here to tell you that Tony the Tiger is back to help them… It’d be gr-rr-reat to hear from you!”

Is this a new Kellogg’s campaign or merely an elaborate hoax?

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