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Man who was beaten up by angry migrant during road rage incident in Dublin awarded €60,000 damages

A former employee of ESB, who testified in court that he was severely battered and threatened with gunfire by a vengeful driver, was granted €60,000 in damages against his attacker, reports Breaking News.

Gerald Bowden, a retired man of 71 years of age from Whitethorn Park, Palmerstown, Dublin 20, testified in Circuit Civil Court that the attack on him occurred 11 years ago when he was controlling traffic at an ESB road excavation close to Gracepark Heights in Dublin.

He informed Judge Jennifer O’Brien that Razvan Tarziu, residing in Gracepark Heights, had been enraged when he had placed a traffic cone in front of his van. As a result, Tarziu got out of the van and struck and kicked him, resulting in cuts and bruises.

“When two of the lads pulled him off me he said he was going up to his house to get his shotgun and there was going to be a bloodbath and I was going to be the first to be shot,” Mr Bowden told his counsel, Carrie Jane Canniffe, reports Breaking News.

Judge O’Brien was informed by Ms. Canniffe, who was accompanied by Bruce St. John Blake Solicitors, that there had been several attempts to evade serving Mr. Bowden’s proceedings on the defendant. Ultimately, a judgement in lack of presence was obtained against Mr. Tarziu in his absence before a different judge.

Bowden also filed a lawsuit against ESB for damages, claiming the business had breached its duty of care to its workers. Seamus Breen, the defence attorney, argued in court that the ESB could not have predicted that Mr. Bowden would come under assault and that the lawsuit against his client should be dropped, reports Breaking News.

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