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“Breathtaking wave of lunacy” – Rural TD described hysteria around climate change

Rural Ireland and Irish famers in particular look set to be decimated as Micheál Martin is intent to carry out the mother of all suicidal virtue signals and sign Ireland up to way of life destroying carbon reduction targets to combat climate warming.

Independent TD, Michael Fitzmaurice in an interview with That’s Farming described the global governments plans as for carbon reduction as a “wave of lunacy” that is “breathtaking”.

Despite being consistently wrong for decades about the dire predictions of climate change melting the ice caps and flooding the coastal areas of the world, international leaders are again calling for radical and sweeping action to combat the long fabled Global Warming catastrophe they are once again claiming we are years away from.

Two countries who refused to sign up to the lunacy of carbon reduction were Russia and China, the latter looks set to eclipse the deindustrializing U.S as the world’s dominant power after a brief interlude of America’s managed decline during the Presidency of Donald Trump.

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