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Busted: Judge saw “wheelchair user” out walking on the street


Cork’s Bandon District Court saw bizarre shenanigans on Friday when David Moat appeared for sentencing on various charges which included driving while disqualified and being uninsured.

The Judge in Court, James McNulty was told that the defendent was a wheelchair user “at all times”, to which the judge responded to the claim that he himself saw the accused literally walking towards him in the square in Bantry within the past three months.

The Judge went on to say that David Moat looked agile and nimble. By all accounts, the court heard that David Moat was well able to walk.
Moat threw a curve ball back at the Judge claiming that the agile man he saw running around streets could have been his lookalike brother.

The court heard of how 67-yr-old Moat got into a row with his neighbours over a parked jeep across their driveway. Between that row and various altercations with gardai over driving convictions, Judge McNulty renewed a five-month jail term for assault which had been handed to Moat last year, but which had been suspended.
He then gave him three six-month sentences, two of which are to be served together in one twelve-month sentence.

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