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Calls for statue of Christopher Columbus to be replaced with black transgender activist

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As so many statues are being torn down in the United States and elsewhere there are now questions being asked over what to replace them with and in the America, activists are demanding titans of history like Christopher Columbus be replaced with gay, black drag queens.

In a sign of the woke times we live in, as statues of the intrepid Italian navigator and explorer who changed the course of human history are torn down by revisionist leftists the woke mob is now seeking to replace one statue with a figure of Marsha P. Johnson in his hometown in New Jersey.

So far over 75,000 have signed a petition calling for a statue of Johnson to replace Columbus with Johnson in his hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey.

Johnson was a black, gay, cross dressing prostitute who played a role in the so-called “Stone Wall riots” in New York in 1969 when police attempted to close an illegal gay nightclub which ticks all the boxes for a new “woke” statue to replace an evil European explorer.

Johnson’s body was found floating in the Hudson river after a Gay Pride parade in New York in 1992. Police ruled his death a suicide, but friends have alleged foul play.

New York City officials announced Johnson would be honoured with a public monument in the city’s Greenwich Village neighbourhood and last week, Google dedicated its Google Doodle to Johnson

As more states fall of American founding fathers, presidents, war heroes and Catholic saints there are increasing calls to replace them with figures such as the transvestite prostitute Marsha Johnson

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